Golva Policy Chart

AAB District Goals and Objectives

AAC Nondiscrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy

AAC-BR1 Discrimination and Harassment Grievance Procedure

AAC-BR2 Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

AAC-E1 Filing a State or Federal Discrimination/Harassment Complaint

AAC-E2 Discrimination/Harassment Confidentiality Assessment

AAC-E3 Training Requirements for Responsible Employees

AAC-E4 Reasonable Accommodation Request Physical Form

AAC-E5 Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

AAC-E6 Website Posting for Title IX Compliance

AACA Section 504 of the Americans with Disability Act

AACA-AR Section 504 Evaluation Standards and Procedures

AACA-E Section 504 Notice of Parent & Student Rights

ABBE Displays of Religious Objects or Documents

ABCD Records Retention Policy

ABCD-E Records Retention Schedule

ABCE Prohibition on Aiding Sexual Abuse

ABDA Accessibility Policy

ABDA-BR1 Website Accessibility

ABDA-BR2 Website Accessibility Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances

ABDA-E1 Website Accessibility Complaint and Grievance Form

ABDA-E2 Website Accessibility Statement

ABEA Wellness Policy

ABEA-AR1 Building-Level Wellness Policy Coordinators

ABEA-AR2 Physical Activity and Recess Regulations

ABEA-AR3 Smart Snacks in Schools Regulations

ABEA-E Wellness Policy Assessment

ABEC School Meal Charge Policy

ABEC-AR Adult Meals

ABEC-E Outstanding Meal Balance Letter

ACBA Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

ACBB Significant Contagious Diseases

ACBB-AR1 Responding to Potential Health Threats

ACBB-AR2 Universal Precautions & Sanitary Cleanup

ACBB-E Laws on Immunizations, Contagious Disease, Reportable Disease, etc.

ACBD-School Medication Program

ACBD-AR Medication Administrative Rule

ACBD-E3 Medication Check-in Form

ACBD-E4 Emergency Medication Check-in Form

ACBD-E5 Medication Pass

ACBD-E6 Medication Pass Log

ACBD-E7 Record of Medication Form

ACBD-E9 Medication Incident Report

ACBD-E10 Medication Pickup Notice

ACBD-E11 Parental Request Form

ACDA Acceptable Use

ACEA Bullying

ACEA-E1 Bullying Policy Adoption Checklist

ACEA-E1 Bullying Reporting Guidelines

ACEA-E3 Staff Bullying Report Form

ACEA-E4 Student Bullying Report Form

ACEA-E5 Bullying/Harassment Investigation Protocol

ACF Whistleblower Protections Policy

BA School Board Ethics

BA-BR1 School Board Ethics Regulation

BA-BR2 School Board Member Internet & Media Use

BDA Procedure for Adopting Board Policy

BDA-E Policy Acknowledgement Form

BDAA Contracts Supersede Policy and Regulations

BDAB Savings Clause

BDD Compensation and Expenses for Board Members

CAAB-E1 Superintendent Evaluation Instrument (Word)

CAAB-E1 Superintendent Evaluation Instrument (PDF)

DBBA Drug & Alcohol Testing for Employees

DBBA-AR Drug & Alcohol Testing Procedures

DBBA-E Drug & Alcohol Testing Notification Requirements for Employees

DEAA Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

DEAA-AR Procedure if Harmful Chemical Use is Suspected

DEAA-E Record of Observable Behavior

DFAA Teacher Evaluation

DFAA-AR Teacher Evaluation Procedure

DGGA Professional Development Plan

FAAA Open Enrollment

FAAA-E Open Enrollment and Tuition Agreement Comparison Guide

FCAF Concussion Management

FCAF-AR Concussion Management Program

FCAF-E1 Concussion Management Removal from Play

FCAF-E2 Concussion Management Return to Play

FCC Student Restraint Policy

FDB Education of the Homeless Students

FDB-BR Education of the Homeless Dispute Resolution Procedure

FDB-E1 Caregiver Authorization Form

FDB-E2 Dispute Resolution Form

FDD Education of Pregnant and Parenting Students

FDE Education of Special Education/Disabled Students

FDE-E Section 504 Eligibility Determination Form

FDH Students in Foster Care

FF Student Conduct and Disipline

FF-AR Student Conduct Standards and Disciplinary Procedures

FF-E Examples of Student Conduct Violations

FFA Student Alcohol and Other Drug Use/Abuse

FFA-AR Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention Procedure

FFB Attendance and Absences

FFB-E Accumulated Absence Letter to Parents

FFD Carrying Weapon

FFE Extracurricular Participation Requirements

FFE-AR1 Meals for Students Participating in Extracurricular Activities

FFE-AR2 Athletic Physicals

FFK Suspension and Expulsion

FFK-AR1 Suggested Procedure for Conducting an Expulsion Hearing

FFK-AR2 Suspension and Expulsion of Special Ed Students

FFK-BR Suspension and Expulsion Regulations

FGA Student Educational Records

FGA-BR1 Student Education Records Access and Amendment Procedure

FGA-BR2 Criteria for Approving and Denying Directory Information and PII Release Requests

FGA-E1 Notice of Directory Information

FGA-E2 Model Notification of Rights under FERPA

FGA-E3 FERPA Release Form for Parents

FGA-E4 Notice of Executive Session Tape on File

FGA-E5 Student Information Sharing Release Form

FGA-E6 Model Form for Disclosure to Parents of Dependent Students

FGA-E7 School Officials’ Guide to FERPA and Data Privacy Policy

FGA-E8 Parties Approved to Receive Student Data

FGDD Student Publications and Freedom of Expression

GAAA Curriculum Design and Evaluation

GAAB Curriculum Adoption

GAAC Review & Complaints of Instructional & Resource Material

GAAC-BR Procedure for Reviewing Complaints About Instructional/Resource Material

GAAC-E1 Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Resources

GAAC-E2 Library Bill of Rights

GAAC-E3 Access to Resources and Services in the School Library Media Program

GAAC-E4 Hatch Amendment Sample Letter

GAAD Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials

GABAA English Language Learners

GABAA-AR English Language Learners Communication Procedure

GABDA Student Achievement

GABDB Title Program Dispute Resolution Procedure

GACB Patriotic Exercises

GACG Educational Opportunities Through Sponsoring Entities

GCAA Grade Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration

GCAA-AR Grade Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration Procedure

GCBA Grading

GCC Educational Research & Surveys of Students

GCC-AR Criteria for Considering Third Party Student Surveys and Research

GCC-E1 Model Notification Rights under PPRA

GCC-E2 PPRA Model Notice and Consent

HBAA Federal Fiscal Compliance

HBAA-AR1 Federal Fund Expenditures & Inventory Requirements

HBAA-AR2 District Personnel Time and Effort

HBAA E Personnel Time and Effort Form

HCAA Purchasing

HCAA-BR Criteria for Evaluating Informal Bids or Proposals

HCAA-E Purchasing Laws for Schools

HCAB Bidding Requirements and Procedures

HCAE Disbursement of Monies

HEAA Line Item Transfer Authority

HEBB Cash in School Buildings

HEBC Fraud Prevention & Investigation

HEBD Audits

IB Food Services

IB-BR Lunch Charging

IB-E1 Free & Reduced Priced Meal Eligibility Appeals

IB-E2 DPI Requirements and Guidance for Adult Meals

IB-E3 Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value

IB-E4 Outstanding Balance Letter

IDC Data Protection & Security Breaches

IDC-AR Security Breach Procedures

KAB Parental Involvement-District Level

KAB-E School-Parent Compact

KACA Patron Complaints

KACB Patron Complaints About Personnel

TH Town Hall Regulations

Teacher Handbook 2020-2021

Student Handbook 2020-2021

Crisis Management Plan–updated 2021